The Top 3 Forex Mentoring Programs on the Market Today, the Best Way to Learn Currency Trading

    There are many different approaches one could take to learn Forex trading. You could be self taught and accumulate experience. The problem with this is the time frame it will take you to accomplish this, the profits you will lose while teaching yourself and it is certainly not guarantied that you will ever gain all the knowledge you need to be profitable.

    Another approach would be to read a book or combination of books. While these will provide you an excellent place to start your training, without question as the concepts advance to the extreme doctrines they will become ever more demanding to comprehend and you will have nobody to turn to for explanations.

    The above reasons and many more that are too numerous to mention are why when I am asked what is the best way to learn Forex trading, the answer is always with a top rated currency mentoring program. Below are the three programs that I think will get you up to speed quicker than any other approach and unquestionably provide you with the highest possible education. Many international banks and brokerage firms send there new employees to these courses to be trained on the finer points of Forex trading. There is about as strong of an endorsement in there teaching methods as possible.

    Forex Brotherhood:

    This is a new course started by Jason Alan Jankovsky a professional Forex trader who lets you watch him in REAL TIME make trades. He is the author of “Trading Rules that Work: The 28 essential lessons every trader must master” (Wiley & Sons, October 2006) and “The Art of The Trade” issued by Wiley & Sons. He is focused on the psychology of trading as the key component to a successful trading methodology and teaches a six-week course on trading psychology every quarter to traders around the world. You receive FXBH Module-1 Expert Advisor which consists of software, eBooks and videos to use as training tools. The finest part of the program is the two daily broadcast where he allows you to do the exact same portfolio moves as he does.

    Straight Forex:

    Straight Forex offers courses at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Even at the basic level you receive one-on-one mentoring service. They have been involved in the Forex market since it was first available to retail traders. This has given them the experience to develop and adopt methodologies that allow them to trade consistently the Forex market. In addition, to the above they offer to corporations who want a solution to hedge their currency exposure. This is possible through the Forex market; it is a cheaper solution than others such as the futures and option markets.

    Fap Winner:

    With the Fap Winner program you will participate in online video conferencing with Charles A. Floyd, II, and a highly experienced Forex trader. They have a mentoring program where they utilize it to customize a trading program which meets each individual’s needs and budget. You are able to participate in online chats and video conferences with Charles A. Floyd, II and his team Faps. They help you with the setup the trading process by phone, Skype or live chat to begin trading in real time based on your budget. There package is offered on three different levels so you really need to review the benefits for each level yourself because they are too numerous to mention here.

    The above Forex mentoring programs are a super value for the money taking into consideration what you receive. There is an extra value not mentioned above, and that is in each program you will have one on one live trading sessions with the professional traders instructing you. During these trading sessions you are permitted to utilize your own funds for the investment and more often than not the profits from these professional monitored trading sessions pay for the course itself.

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