The Importance of Getting SAP Training Online

    SAP stands for “Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing”. It is an innovative business software package that is used by more than a hundred major corporations for financial reporting. SAP software package concentrates on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and its most current version is SAP ERP 7.0 also known as R/3, where R means real time and 3 stands for 3-tier architecture: the database, application server and client.

    Recently, more companies regardless of their size, either small or big require some of their employees to be knowledgeable about SAP. As a result, there is an increase in the number of people getting SAP training. SAP BI training can be taken in three ways and all of them will give a SAP certification. However, you will need to dedicate some time and effort to achieve the certification you need.

    Any SAP training partner around the world provides certification courses. In this type of SAP education, you are expected to follow various types of courses that would last for more than a month. In fact, the normal SAP BI training will usually last for 6 months. Although through this method you are accomplishing accredited courses and you will get a personal touch with the trainers, SAP education is still too expensive for your wallet. Apparently, trainees have to pay approximately $10,000 for a certificate course. Of course if you are lucky your business will pay for the training.

    In other cases, some people get SAP BI training through an independent SAP training school. This includes seminars or classes related to SAP. Independent SAP training schools provide the same SAP BI training at a cheaper price. You are also getting one-on-one training with the trainers through this independent school. However, the risk of scamming is higher. Some of these independent SAP training schools might be a scam and just want to leech money out on you. As a result, you are spending more than you should have for the training if not having to take it over again. So make sure you do your research and make sure the school is reliable before taking this type of training.

    This all leads you to the last training option: interactive online training or SAP training online. SAP Training online allows you to download SAP modules in a variety of different formats. You are also guided with a mixture of audios and videos. The advantage of interactive online SAP Training is you get the essential information at a cheaper price. More so, you can communicate with your online classmates through online forums. Another advantage to this method is your ability to do it at your own pace so you make sure you have the time to learn the material. Currently this seems to be the preferred method of training because of the price, collaborations and various types of presentations. Providing a thorough training plan with the capability of allowing the student to learn at their own pace yet still provide all the training a normal classroom would.

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