Myths About QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions – What’s True and What’s Not?

    The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions package is growing. Aside from the basic QuickBooks packages, there are other of this products as well, such as QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks POS or QuickBooks Point of Sale. But as with any new technology introduced, especially in the business world which is teeming with critiques and where there is little space for error, this Enterprise Solutions package and its other supporting products such as QuickBooks POS are under attack of various misconceptions and myths.

    In order to appreciate the full benefits of this Enterprise system, you should first bust the myths that surround it. Here are some of the myths that hinder a lot of companies from benefiting greatly from the QuickBooks Enterprise system.

    1. QuickBooks is only suitable for small businesses.

    This is a myth! This Enterprise Solutions package is custom-fit for mid-sized companies. Although it can be used for small and large companies alike, the system has exhibited optimized performance and best results when used in mid-range settings. It is perfect and is currently the number one financial management system in use in majority of companies with anywhere from 20 to 500 employees. The features and capabilities of the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions system match the needs of these mid-sized but rapidly growing companies.

    1. QuickBooks is only financial management software; you still do the work.

    This is a myth! this Enterprise Solutions is not called QuickBooks Financial Management Software, and it’s not just to make the product sound better. It is called such because it is an overall business solution that can streamline the processes involved in your business, from point of sale to recordkeeping and everything in between.

    And you don’t have to do all the work. This Enterprise package can take a huge weight off your shoulders, but the system does need maintenance, upgrades, and operation. However, the best thing about the QuickBooks is that you can seek product installation services, data migration, data recovery and backup, and several other support services in using your software. You can also avail of outsourced this Enterprise consultations and bookkeeping. These services are now widely offered by an entire network of Intuit-certified providers.

    1. Your existing business applications become useless.

    Again, this is a myth! QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is possibly the most hassle-free financial management software you can come across. The system easily adjusts to your existing business practices instead of requiring you to make adjustments for it. Your QuickBooks Enterprise package can easily accommodate switches from other market applications such as Sage MAS 90 or Microsoft Great Plains. And many companies have already made such switches as these applications are deemed very expensive and complicated compared to the economical and streamlined process offered by this Enterprise.

    1. QuickBooks Enterprise is not perfectly secure.

    For a growing mid-sized business, security becomes even more important as its status and forecasts can determine the direction of the business. In such a make or break situation, security often becomes the key difference. A lot of people carry the misconception that QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is not perfectly secure. This is, however, completely untrue. In fact, QuickBooks Enterprise offers up to 115 different user permissions so you can control every bit of access allowed to your system users. These 115 user permissions are applied to various reports, bank accounts, and other financial activities of the business. QuickBooks Enterprise, therefore, is actually meticulously secure.

    1. QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting software.

    Again, as previously clarified, there is a reason why this Enterprise is called a solution. It solves all your business problems by offering all-around benefits that make all your business processes run smoothly. So no, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is not just simple accounting software – it goes beyond that. It does not just track cash inflows and outflows then create financial statements. Your QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions package can manage inventory, handle payrolls, schedule field work, monitor employees, monitor different branches or warehouses, and the likes. Every inch of your business is revolutionized and made easy.

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