Join the Ranks of the Elite Through an Online MBA

    As it was during the 1920s, the primary industry in the U.S. is financial services and investment banking. Labor is largely irrelevant, and our consumer goods are now produced cheaply and efficiently in low-wage countries like China, so the only way to enjoy the American Dream is to join the ranks of the financial elites through an online MBA. New Internet technology offers many exciting online-MBA programs today.

    Stuck In a Dead-End Job? No Problem!

    It’s no coincidence that America’s best and brightest are abandoning insignificant and unrewarding careers in education and primary health care for the exciting and lucrative industries flourishing on Wall Street. An online MBA is your ticket to this profitable world.

    Of course, if you didn’t get your online-MBA degree several years ago, you may be among the growing ranks of low-paid service workers believing who have accepted their roles in this permanent new economic system. However, online MBA schools make it possible to earn this most important degree while continuing in your present job. Earning a distance online-MBA degree is an excellent way to keep paying the bills and holding on to your present job until you are ready to find your place in America’s exciting new financial services industry.

    What You Need

    Getting started on an online-MBA is easy; all you need is a PC and a reliable Internet connection. The next step will be to make a choice about which program you’ll go through. There are literally hundreds of online-MBA schools on the World Wide Web. Some due diligence is required; although they are all reputable and accredited institutions, not all online MBA schools may be a good fit for you or offer the programs you require.

    What It Costs

    Of course, in the American economy, nothing is free and everything must be monetized in order to serve the free market system – even education, including your online MBA. Fortunately, there are many loan programs available to help finance your online-MBA degree. The cost advantage of completing a distance online-MBA program is that you won’t have transportation costs or many of the fees associated with brick-and-mortar business schools.

    Be On The Winning Side

    Billionaire Warren Buffet has set that it’s class warfare – and his class is winning. The right choice of online MBA schools can put you on the winning side of this struggle. Consider that our Supreme Court is ready to grant full human rights to corporations. Consider also that the while federal government isn’t bothering itself with the problems of working people, it is going to great lengths to protect and preserve financial industries. In light of these facts, doesn’t it make sense to earn your online MBA?

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