125% Home Equity Loans: A Solution for Debt Consolidation?

    Debt consolidation, whether it relates to credit card debt consolidation, the consolidation of other bills or loans, or some combination of the three, is a growing trend. The promises that a 125% home loan offers, like no-hassle consolidation, extra cash, and the possibility of lower monthly mortgage payments are all very tempting, But is a 125% home loan right for you?

    If you are a homeowner with relatively good credit trying to streamline your finances, the answer may be yes. Here are some facts to consider when making this decision:

    1. A 125% home loan allows you to borrow more than your home is worth, as opposed to a traditional mortgage or refinance. According to, “if your home is worth $100,000 and your first mortgage is $90,000, you can borrow $30,000, for a total of $125,000 and shrink your monthly payments.”

    2. The interest rate that you get with your loan contributes significantly to whether or not you actually end up with lower monthly payments. The ideal scenario would be to obtain a mortgage loan with a fixed or secure interest rate, (APR) Lenders at Capital Resource Finance report an estimated savings of up to three times more with a simple interest, fixed rate loan to pay off your debt versus simply making the minimum payments on your credit cards. This is because the interest on credit cards and other types of credit lines is compounded daily. Compound interest means that for each day your credit card has a balance, you end up paying on the interest, instead of directly toward the balance that you owe. This adds up to more money for the credit card company, not to mention that it will take longer for you to get out of debt.

    3. If you are not able to obtain a fixed rate loan because of less than perfect credit or some other reason, you still have options. If you can qualify for an adjustable rate loan, it can still save you money in the long run, since your interest rates may become lower over time, and you will be able to consolidate your bills.

    4. Several lending companies offer loan programs for people with no equity. Many lenders offer damaged credit options,but only a few mortgage brokers can help you with sub-prime 2nd mortgages. Also consider the option of obtaining a rate quote or pre-qualification online.

    So do your homework: Take the time to find out what all of your options are and review them carefully before deciding, and you will be on your way to being debt free.

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